Bethesda recognised their mistakes over Fallout 76 release

Everybody knew or had the feeling that when Fallout 76 was announced, and its teasers and trailers started to rain in every single corner something just didn’t look too well or too convincing, and after the game was released the bad feelings and fears or Fallout fans became real, it was an ocean of bugs, […]

Grand Theft Auto V: Rob, steal and become a rockstar billionaire!

Like Other former instalments of Grand theft Auto series, Rockstar’s GTA V is a shooting, action and adventure video game made exclusively by Rock star America and printed by Rock star Games. The game was first projected to release on Microsoft Windows, XBOX 360 and PS3 in 2013. It was later released on Xbox One […]

The mobile MMOARPG Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder opens pre-registration

The newest MMOARPG in the block is waiting for you: Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder is full of action-packed fantasy as you adventure through mystical lands and engage in a large variety of PVE and PVP gameplay. As players grow in numbers so does the strength of the pre-registration, and exclusive items and titles await […]