Grand Theft Auto V: Rob, steal and become a rockstar billionaire!

Like Other former instalments of Grand theft Auto series, Rockstar’s GTA V is a shooting, action and adventure video game made exclusively by Rock star America and printed by Rock star Games. The game was first projected to release on Microsoft Windows, XBOX 360 and PS3 in 2013. It was later released on Xbox One and PS4 on 2015. It was the first main game after the release of GTA IV in 2009 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

About the Game

Los Santos is a metropolitan of cheerful lights, bigger nights & muddy secrets, and it doesn’t get more cheerful, bigger or dirtier than in GTA. The story is based on a fictitious city of Los Santos, located in South California State. The Single player story campaign shadows 3 former criminals turned older living a common life. The design in the open world Los Santos, the inner city of San Andreas gives fresh life into the already great series of Grand theft auto.


There is nobody in the City of Los Santos, yet, that does not aid Rockstar in the tenacity of making an overstated projection of American Community gone worse, that’s submerged with criminal, violent activities & corruption. There are definitely not any virtuous guys in GTA V. Everybody you encounter is a sociopathic, narcissistic, lawless, crazy, sadistic, cheating, deceiver, lay about, or some mixture of those. Even a man who’s paying good money to kill San Andreas’s nastiest specimens is playing the stock market to his benefit at the same time as he does it.

Each character has a set of 8 abilities that represent their skills in definite zones such as driving and shooting. However skills increase throughout the play, each character has an ability with its own proficiency by defaulting (like Trevor’s flying airplane and helicopter skill). The 8th “distinct” ability controls the value in executing a skill that is inimitable to each individual character. Michael shoots during the slow motion for the efficient headshot, Franklin’s ability is to slow down time while driving to help drift or drive the car better, and Trevor does double as much harm while taking almost half as damage comparatively. A meter on each character’s health reduces when an ability is used and restores when players complete skilled actions, for instance, traveling in vehicles as Franklin’s car to drift or executing headshots as Micheal.

Grand Theft Auto V is not a first outrageously entertaining video game, but also a brainy and sarcastic irony of modern America. It signifies an improvement of everything that GTA IV carried to the bench five years ago. It’s strictly more gifted in every imaginable way, but it’s also very ruthless in its own right. It tells a convincing, erratic, and thought-provoking story without ever allowing it to get in the way of your own self-directed adventures through Los Santos. It is truly the very best video game to be made in 2012 or the current era.

Map Descriptions:

The map presented in GTA is no doubt the greatest if the not biggest map in the history of the entire GTA franchise. It is larger than GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption 2009’s maps joined. Moreover, it is not suggested that the players to negotiate too close to the map boundaries out at sea as automobiles will no longer work there. Planes will be stalling them and smash into the ocean while boats will stop working and eventually sink. This could pose a problem to the player as sharks roam the far reaches of the ocean and they will attack and kill the player if they wish. However, a skilled enough pilot may be able to safely land their plane if they can turn back to the mainland, wheels down, and find a flattish area of land in which to touchdown.

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