Miuki between the top 200 gaming sites and blogs

When efforts are well rewarded they only motivate us to make them bigger and bigger and here in Miuki we’re thankful with Feedspot for featuring us into their Top 200 Gaming Sites and to all of our loyal readers and community members for making this possible, and know that we’re also fully committed  to keep […]

Miuki’s top 10 games of 2018

Today, embracing all kind of genres, we bring you our very personal top 10 of what we consider the best games of 2018, here we go (games are not in a specific order):

November and December top 5 upcoming releases

Every year new video games bring us a rollercoaster of emotions, but this time we want to talk about what we consider will be the best releases of the last two months of the year. So let’s dive in with what in our top 5 of the upcoming games of November and December of 2018!

Top 5 Accessories for your IOS and Android

As a geek and fashion fanatic by nature and otherwise, accessorising my gadgets is an essential part of usage process. Now with my boyfriend, my job just doubled up – I’m an Samsung Note user, while my boyfriend uses the iPhone. Here’s the list of to-haves I’ve compiled so far, and thanks to online shopping […]

The 12 Best Games for the iPad?

I LOVE Kotaku, there’s no doubt about it. From day 1 (since I found the site that is), I’ve been quietly stalking the site. Of the many sites that talks games, this is definitely one of the best (finding it hard to compare it with Tech In Asia, same same but different…). Anyway, they say […]

Honest Trailers – Robocop

I can’t really remember how or why I chance upon this trailer, but when I saw it, I just couldn’t skip it. To be honest, I don’t fancy action films as much as the next person. But Robocop was special, very special in fact. When I was a kid, gadgets were no where as advance […]

Thinking of playing JRPG, read this first!

I’m a fan of RPG, more MMO than RPG but RPG nevertheless. I’ve always pondered about JRPG, and could never really… get it. Reading Games in Asia shined some light. “A good JRPG is a piece of art. It contains a beautifully crafted story fitted with skillfully designed and animated characters. To say it is […]

The Types of Gamer Girls You Can Date

I’m addicted to Games in Asia, not only because of its gaming content but also, the interesting articles they write. One, caught my attention and “inspired” me to write this. You know, back when I was in school, gamer girls were as rare as hen’s teeth. These days, girls that play games are a dime […]

Back to the Future?

7 (or possibly 8, I can’t really remember) years ago when the whole “blogging community” supposedly emerged and everyone was so into the “hey, you’re a blogger, I am too! Let’s hang out!” If someone were to ask me to build a content syndicator (like Digg) I would stumble and scratch my head, then go […]