When efforts are well rewarded they only motivate us to make them bigger and bigger and here in Miuki we’re thankful with Feedspot for featuring us into their Top 200 Gaming Sites and to all of our loyal readers and community members for making this possible, and know that we’re also fully committed  to keep bringing you the most thtustful news and great reviews on the newest animes and video games.

Feedspot lists many webpage tops of pages related to any kind of subjects. In their Feedspot Top 200 Gaming sites, Miuki is featured along many of the biggest and most famous gaming sites like IGN, Eurogamer, Game Informer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Kotaku.

But also Miuki has been featured along well-known blogs such as Fextralife where you can find articles reviews and guides for games like Dark Souls, Shadow of Mordor and PoE, Siliconera that excels on their job by bringing interviews, Indie DB which is one of the best game developers’ communities out there, Gamers Heroes featuring cosplay reviews and Massively Overpowered that specializes in MMO articles.

With this, we want to highlight that it wasn’t easy to get to this point and that Miuki is going in the right direction. Here we work hard to bring you the latest news and best reviews of not just video games but also anime and fashion with a great team composed by gamers and geek culture lovers and our leader and founder of the blog Sabrina Wang. Here we are fully compromised with you to be your guide to geek culture!

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