Back to the Future?

7 (or possibly 8, I can’t really remember) years ago when the whole “blogging community” supposedly emerged and everyone was so into the “hey, you’re a blogger, I am too! Let’s hang out!”

If someone were to ask me to build a content syndicator (like Digg) I would stumble and scratch my head, then go to the drawing board (pull my hair out a bit) and see how to work it around Drupal. (I actually build one then, never really launched it though. I have many white elephants in my stash.)

Today, there are dozen of out-of-the-box system that can do that, and you can possibly install it within say… 15 minutes? Depends on how well you’re equipped with WordPress, basic understanding of SQL and the connection of your computer (be it Mac or PC, doesn’t matter).

My client asked, “Hey Sab, can you do something like Digg.” I laughed and, “You’re kidding right?”

I love Digg, well, I used to. But let’s be honest, if your intention is to get additional traffic (you might, but not likely) with all the platforms right now, you have a better chance becoming “popular” if you engage in a niche community forum, group or such; then post in some huge content syndicator.

Sorry but it really doesn’t work anymore. Facebook is a giant, Friendster should have sold out, and… I should have left this industry altogether.

I use to charge at least 12k for a damn web development. Now, I’m good if I even get 2k for the same thing. Of course, there are still high budget sites, but the complexity would be ALOT more.

Blah blah blah, I could go on and on about this but I’m just going to stop.

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