Top 5 Accessories for your IOS and Android

As a geek and fashion fanatic by nature and otherwise, accessorising my gadgets is an essential part of usage process. Now with my boyfriend, my job just doubled up – I’m an Samsung Note user, while my boyfriend uses the iPhone.

Here’s the list of to-haves I’ve compiled so far, and thanks to online shopping site, I just went on budget!, I just went on budget!

1. Samsung Portable Battery Pack 9000mAh White


If not mistaken, you can use it for IOS too. It’s available in white and black, I’d go for white, of course. Retailing at SGD128 outside, you save 54 percent purchasing it at for SGD59.

2. Universal Clip On Lens For iPhone 4/4s/5 & Samsung S4/Note 3


This definitely works for IOS and Android phones, but there’s no major discount here. It retails at SGD29.90, which is pretty much a steal still.

3. GripGo Car Phone Holder


Not only does it work for phones, it works for GPS devices too! It’s probably not for the little ones, but us big boys and girls that goes vroom vroom on our cars. The original price is SGD12.90 but at, you can get it for just SGD4,90, totally worth it.

4. Dual USB Wall Plug USB Charger for iPad & iPhone


This works for most devices that uses USB. I think everyone needs one of these, especially now that I’m attached, two is definitely better than one. The original price is SGD59 but at you get it at SGD25 saving up to 58 percent!

5. Scud Dual USB Charger – White


I actually have a single charging one, but as a couple… well… it’s ideal to have two (though it kinda burns double the amount of fuel)! Retailing at SGD19.90 at you get it at SGD9.90, which saves you about 50 percent!

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been going for white for most acessorises stated unless unavailable. Hehe. I have to admit, it’s not all that fashionable, but it’s definitely must-haves!

As a fitness enthusiast, here something I can have but he (my boyfriend) can’t!

6. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit


It maybe an export set, but still… instead of SGD407, you get it at for just SGD337, difference of 70 bucks!

*Hint hint* me like gadget accessories, still the birthday month people! Oh yes, I’ll come up with a wishlist. Late pressies are always welcome!

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