Miuki’s top 10 games of 2018

Today, embracing all kind of genres, we bring you our very personal top 10 of what we consider the best games of 2018, here we go (games are not in a specific order):

1. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Such a dynamic, original and complete strategy game can’t be out of our list, with a game that forces you to use all of your cunnings so you can sneak past your enemies or ambush them in the most tactical way that crosses your mind the fun only stops once you’ve finished the game. A jewel of 2018.


When you’re looking for a challenge you usually think about platformers and inside this genre is the game which is considered by many the king of indie games of 2018, Celeste, with great story messages and a classic look playing in the insanely hard levels is both frustrating but also satisfying once you get to complete them.

3. Vampyr

Not a lot of games can put you on the edge of being a hero to turn into a complete murderous assassin the way Vampyr does. At the end of the Great War, the Spanish flu began to kill the citizens of England and your character, Dr Jonathan Reid, has to decide between letting the Vampire inside of him control his decisions or save the people from the disease.

4. Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 joins our list maybe by influencing us through nostalgia by its classic style and similar gameplay to the old Mega Man games, making it a reasonably good descendant of the saga.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

The way graphics are evolving in video games is crazy and, in 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the best examples, join Rockstar’s Old West world once again and enjoy the cowboy experience as you’ve never been able to do it in any other game. Undoubtedly a masterpiece.

6. God of War

It’s undeniable that  from time to time one only wants to dismember, crush and destroy enemies in a video game while also feeling invincible, and that’s the feeling you get when playing God of War, but this time leaving a trail of blood to defend your son in the epic world of the Nordic mythology.

7. Spider-Man

One of our favourite superheroes from every single universe got this year a well-deserved video game, one that shows his magnificence and why he’s given the title of the Amazing, roam the city of New York and kick the butt of the villains with this fantastic hero.

8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An RPG that wasn’t created for everyone, Kingdom Come takes realism to another level, to the point where you begin the game learning to read and are thoroughly mediocre using a weapon but with a lot of effort and dedication learn how to be a great warrior. A very original and medieval experience worth giving a try.

9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Impossible to leave out of our list, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings us the exact same game style but this time with a great story comparable even to Brawl’s, every single character ever featured on the series and a whole lot of new mechanics that make it our favourite multiplayer game of the year.

10. Dead Cells

Indie games get better every single and Dead Cells is proof of that. Original and unique with Metroidvania and roguelike mechanics this game makes you repeat the same thing over and over until you get to beat the challenge so you can die and be forced to do it again. Another king of indie games of 2018.

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