DOTA 2 International Tournament hands out $20 million in prizes.

This weekend saw the last match of The International 2016, the 6th annual edition of DOTA 2’s most important competition. Seattle got filled with teams raging from the States to Ukraine and the Philippines.

The main matches took 5 days to complete (from August 8th to 13th), and after reaching only 3rd place for the pre-runner standings, and losing the first game during the finals, Chinese team Wings Gaming came victorious with a 3 – 1 match against USA team Digital Chaos, with the American Evil Geniuses and UK Fnantic stepping for 3rd and 4th places.

Overall, the prize pool consisted of $1.6 million for the initial prize pool + 25% of all Battle Pass sales… amounting to an additional $19,170,460 USD, which resulted in the gigantic $20 million figure (which, mind you, is “only” $2 million more than the $18 million raised by The international 2015).


In the end, Wings Gaming took home 44% of the bounty, or $9,139,002, enough to have all 5 players taking a bit less than $2 million each (or rather, a little more than $1 million each, because managers and all).

Digital Chaos took home $3,4 million, Evil Geniuses 2 and Fnantic one and a half millions.

On an interesting note, none of the top 4 teams got invited to the Tournament, but rather qualified in their respective regional leagues.

All 11 hours of matches were recorded and you can watch them bellow:


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