New games, hardware and more announced by The Pokemon Company

There is no denying how much Pokemon has grown as a franchise in the last decades. Starting back on the Game Boy Colour, fans were shaken by these creatures and how they faced each other in fierce combat. Eventually, the game started drawing a lot of attention, and the implementation of more advanced strategic systems […]

Google’s Camera Contact Lenses

I’ve denied myself for the longest time, and I hereby proclaim, I shall deny myself no further. I’m born a geek, I lived a geek and therefore, I shall take my rightful throne, as the princess of geeks. Who dares challenge thy to a geekaton. Okay, that sounded so much cooler in my head. Now, […]

The Future of Bicycling?

I’m not sure what to make of this, so I’m going to open this discussion to you folks. What do you think of the future of bicycling? Post by Latest Tips and Tricks.

Animated iWatch Concept – Yes or No?

I’m going to to cut to the chase here. I WOULD WEAR THIS, would you? So… I hear that Apple is keeping hush-hush about plans to release a wearable device, all that’s spreading and exciting fans are the rumours and concept mock-ups.

The How-Tos Guide to your own Personalised Skin for your Mobile Device

Before I go into the how-tos, let me just share with you a little background about Wrappz specialises in personalisation for electronic devices, specifically, they provide personalised hard cases (for phones, iPads and iPods), personalised skins, and faux leather cases – all personalisable. With their relatively advanced online customisation tool, you don’t even need […]

Tamagotchis are Coming Back from the Dead!

Talk about reliving the past. Apparently, Tamagotchi – the digital pet that taught a generation about life, death, and responsibility — is getting a glamorized reboot! I remember back in school, I would secretly smuggle these digital pets of mine to school, in hope that no one would notice. Unfortunately, my school was extremely strict […]