I’ve denied myself for the longest time, and I hereby proclaim, I shall deny myself no further. I’m born a geek, I lived a geek and therefore, I shall take my rightful throne, as the princess of geeks. Who dares challenge thy to a geekaton. Okay, that sounded so much cooler in my head.

Now, tell me Google, WHEN?!

My last official engagement that I can remember, with a nice 1 pager in the iWeekly was on contact lenses, and now that time has passed us by since… I guess it’s okay that I’m gaga-ing over another type of unique contact lenses, am I right or am I right?

“Google announced in January that it was developing a smart contact lens that could continually monitor blood glucose levels of Type 2 diabetics. It has been announced that Google is also working to create a contact lens with an integrated camera that would help people with visual disabilities.”

Noooo… you mean, only for the visually disabled? No SHIELD wannabe fan girls getting a pair?


“The lens is meant to work like this: a small camera will be embedded out of the way of the pupil so it will not obstruct vision. Blinking activates the sensor for the camera. An advantage to using this lens instead of something like Google Glass is that the camera is able to follow the eye’s precise movement. Even the smallest sideways glance will still allow the camera to face the point of interest. The data collected by the camera can be processed to recognize a variety of properties including faces, motion, color, light, and certain objects.

If someone with a visual impairment is wearing the lenses and is, say, about to step off the curb while there is traffic present. The lens, which can be linked to a smartphone, will give an auditory warning for the wearer to stop, and then let the user know when it is safe to cross. The facial recognition could help the wearer identify friends and family by connecting to a database. There is also the potential for law enforcement to use the technology to spot persons of interest or those with outstanding warrants.”

Admittedly, despite my responses earlier, I’m all for the development of this… device? It’d be nice to have something like that for the visually impact. I mean, I can wear my Sharingan but I’m not going to be Uchiha.


Having cameras in my eyes might not exactly be the best way to snap photos as I go.

“Of course, the lens isn’t only for those who need help visually navigating their surroundings. It will also be able to take regular pictures hands free. The developers also hope to be able to zoom the camera in, reducing the need for binoculars. While this does seem pretty handy in some circumstances, it seems fairly creepy for others. Keep your blinds closed, guys.”

Although, if I were SHIELD or in Chuck’s gang, it would help in subtly collecting data.


“At this stage, the lens is still theoretical, but a patent application was filed on the design back in 2012. There is no telling when or if this product will be available on the open market.”

And usually, nothing really cool ever reaches the hands of little geek princess here, or eyes for this case.


True or not? Beats me, I read it off I Fucking Love Science.

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