Switch presentation leaked: possible console & Zelda launch date

With the Switch’s official presentation closing in, it becomes more and more likely whatever “leak” comes up is legit. Here we have a picture recently published (and quickly deleted) by the IGN France’s Twitter account.

This suspiciously low-res photo seems to reveal the Switch’s game line-up for 2017 – and with it, we can reasonably guess the console’s launch date.

The earliest titles we can see for this year are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Mario Kart 8: Switch It!, and Splatoon Counterattack, clocked for March 17th, a date already rounding around the internet as the likeliest one for the console’s launch.

While Zelda is actually the most anticipated title for the Switch (and Skyrim the most anticipated third-party one), Mario Kart and Splatoon make interesting, if not too surprising appearances – after all, we did get to see both in the console’s trailer. It should be noted that both games, plus their look on the trailer, point out to higher quality ports (maybe even 4K?) of the WiiU titles.

With them, their most immediate companions would go out March 24th: Pikmin World and Assasin’s Creed Egypt. The latest Assasin’s Creed games have been… rough for fans (and for Ubisoft’s reputation), so let’s see what they come up with; and Pikmin World we know nothing about, except the title is a nice shot-out to the first game’s OST.

For the second quarter of the year, we see a parade of third-parties in NBA, FIFA and very likely Just Dance; along what will surely become Nintendo’s main course after Zelda launches: Super Smash Bros. for Switch and Super Mario Frost Land. Finally, we have the promised Minecraft port and Dragon Quest XI, whom would launch somewhere in 2017.

Concerning all these possible remakes, this is actually a pretty smart move from Nintendo – the WiiU wasn’t very popular, but Splatoon, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. certainly were some of its saving graces, making them pretty strong titles not only for loyal fans, but for those reluctant of getting a WiiU just for a couple of games.

While it’s disappointing we aren’t getting a brand-new Mario Kart (yet), DLCs already acted as an “expansion pack” for the original, and are a perfectly reasonable upgrade to such a simple, mostly static franchise (Double Dash!!, you are missed).

Super Smash Bros. is the point where keen-eyed fans will get more suspicious, as Smash Bros. main games are always a gigantic deal, usually accompanied with equally big marketing campaigns based around the characters.

Considering the Switch is the “all third-parties, give me your powers” console, you’d guess they would hype guest characters months in advance and we’d be bombarded with news and leaks right now, so the most likely case is either a remake of the WiiU edition (which wouldn’t be bad, just weird since we do have a 3DS one) or the leak is indeed fake and the creators weren’t careful enough.

All in all, should the leak be proven true this January 12th, it will make the Switch Nintendo’s strongest console launch yet (and a titanic step-forward after the fiasco during the WiiU’s early months). For all its worth, we sincerely hope all these are real – or even better, that Mario Kart, Splatoon or Smash Bros. are actually new games.

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