A whole new level in the video game industry: Nintendo will open a theme park, Super Nintendo World, in 2020!

What is the dream that every kid has, the one that makes their parents do whatever it takes so they can give their child the happiest moment of their childhood? Well, we would say, no other than going to Orlando, Florida to visit the thematic parks, where they can meet their heroes and favourite fantasy characters first hand and enjoy some of the best entertainment the world has to offer.

Until now, we have seen Marvel heroes, Disney characters, Band’s roller-coaster, unforgettable movie characters, and more in this tremendously fun touristic places. Now Universal has decided to unite Nintendo, one of the lungs of the video game industry, a hand to develop a new park, the Super Nintendo World Park!


When will the project be ready? Where will we enjoy it?

The project is meant to expand to several places; it will begin in Osaka, Japan where the project’s construction started in June 2017, and it is expected for it to be released in Singapore and Universal’s capital, Hollywood, Orlando.

Tokyo’s 2020 summer Olympics is meant to be the date for Super Nintendo World to make its grand opening, but that is just a tentative date, as Universal has found issues in their new Hagrid ride in Orlando, so they will be more meticulous in the development of the new park.

It seems like the park concept will be the one circulating on the web since a few months, it will count with the art style of the Mario, and other Nintendo character’s games, and it looks incredibly immersive and fun.


Some of the attractions have already been revealed!

Aside from roller coasters, rides and other activities, we will also count with souvenir and Nintendo merchandise shops, restaurants and courtyards. There will be a Mushroom Kingdom courtyard, a café by the name of Toadstool Restaurant and the possibility to meet people costumed as your favourite characters. These will be present in every single one of the iterations.

Opposite to the previously described aspects of the park, the rides will be different in every place, being the Mario Kart attraction the only one present in every single of them.

The other attractions that were already revealed are a Donkey Kong roller coaster which will have a unique riding system and the Yoshi’s Omni-mover similar to the Cat in the Hat attraction in Islands of Adventure or the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom.

About Mario Kart, there is a lot of speculation. Still, the developers expect it to be the biggest one and most original of all the attractions, making it “the most immersive and cutting-edge technological attraction that we could have imagined” as Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman of Universal Parks and Resorts, said.

Many of the news about these new parks that you can find on the internet are rumours, speculations or unconfirmed information, so we recommend you to investigate before taking something for granted!

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