A New Challenger Approaches: The Heroes from Dragon Quest join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster!

The 72nd fighter has already been released, and it was, as mentioned in the E3 2019, The Heroes from Dragon Quest, even though it wasn’t received with a lot of joy in the western hemisphere, it was a launch meant to please Japan’s audience mostly, which was confirmed through opinions and videos uploaded on the social media.

Usually, Nintendo shows-off their new releases and game additions through a Nintendo Direct script, but this time, none other than Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros, decided to take a live stream approach with the fans for a more personal moment.

The live stream began with a brief segment to talk about the history of Dragon Quest. After that, the walkthrough to meet our new challenger began. There will be 4 different heroes each one of them represents a Hero from a different DQ game, precisely one from DQ XI, and the other from DQ IV, DQ III and DQ VIII. Each one of them will have a colour variation related to another character from their own game.

Skills and Abilities are the most exciting part, The Hero will not work as the regular Super Smash Bros fighter that usually only has four skills; their skills can be charged to unleash into a more powerful variant, and also, you will have to be careful, because The Hero consumes MP when using skills.

The neutral special is Frizz, a fireball that when charged, turns into one of its stronger variations; Frizzle and Kafrizz. Side special goes by the name of Zap, an electric bolt that can turn into Zapple and Kazap. And for saving yourself and dealing damage, the up special, Woosh, a tornado that launches the hero upward, with its stronger variants, Swoosh and Kaswoosh.

Now for the down special, this skill opens a menu; similar to one from an RPG, which allows you to pick one from twenty! Accelerate to raise your speed, Bounce to reflect projectiles, Hocus Pocus, a spell with random effects, and Kamikazee, a spell to kill yourself dealing insane amounts of damage and knockback and even more.
After seeing the number of possibilities with this new fighter, a polarized internet reaction was inevitable, from some players loving how different The Hero is to what we are used to in Super Smash Bros, to others already claiming that it should be banned from competitive gaming.

Super Smash Bros main focus is not competitive gameplay, but rather making it a simple, fun game that could be played and enjoyed by anyone who likes fighting games but doesn’t want the complexity of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Masahiro Sakurai has already that competitions aren’t their primary focus, but rather a gaming experience enjoyable by anyone.

Said that we could claim that Nintendo is doing just fine with this franchise, it gets better on every edition, and now with a character like The Hero, they have opened countless possibilities for new additions to Ultimate and even more for future Super Smash Bros games.

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