An undeniable fact we have today, is that RPGs have completely taken the lead in the gaming world, getting the most prestigious awards and recognition, maybe because of the liberty they offer, the games’ length, the quality of their stories, among other things and inside this category one the most praised is The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Creative, lengthy and now even appealing to the eye this franchise has earned the love or at least the respect of every gamer who have played or heard about it, winning countless and well-deserved game of the year awards, but what we are going to talk about here is about the latest rumours and news that have been “leaked” by Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax that gives us a hint about Bethesda’s new project, which might be one of the most expected releases of this decade: The Elder Scrolls 6.

Now that we have the good news that the game is already in the list of future releases, more interrogatives come to our minds: How will it be? Where will the story take part? When will it be released? Sadly, even though they made the announcement four months ago, none of these questions has been answered, except for one, and that is, where the story will take part.

For the past months there have been nothing but rumors, posts and articles of what players would like and what not, speculations, hopes, but according to some web portals and YouTubers, ZeniMax Media published a trademark for Redfall, and the same thing was done for previous The Elder Scrolls games, which gives a considerable advance on the game’s development.

In our opinion these are excellent news, since this means the game will take part in Hammerfell, home of the Red Guards, giving us a desert styled thematic that we have not seen before in the games aside from Arena and Daggerfall, the two first titles of the saga which are way too old dating back to the 90s.

We already had winter in Skyrim, Forests in Oblivion, volcanos in Morrowind, and now possibly, deserts in Hammerfell, fact that may cause players to start hoping for a surviving system that makes you, for example, suffer from thirst and heat, but this might not be the case, since the focus of The Elder Scrolls games is not survival.

What we believe The Elder Scrolls Team should consider would be making a bigger variety of enemies, which we didn’t get to see in Skyrim, probably a bigger map, since you’re supposed to be roaming a country. And also, in Skyrim, cities felt like little towns and had a tiny population which does kill a bit of the immersive feeling.

We could also count with a more functional inventory while keeping the item weight mechanic since it forces players to make thoughtful decisions when looting. And, as a nice touch not seen before, maybe add navigation with some marine dangers.

Still, this is just what we believe could enhance our experience in the game considering it will have a similar structure to the previous titles. However, we don’t have a release date yet.

Bethesda keeps saying that they will finish working on a game called Starfield before their entire focus is set on TES 6 and they kept everyone waiting seven years for the announcement of a sequel, so there’s nothing more to do than wait and hope for them to work as fast as possible.

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