Unleash the Spirita in Final Contract: Legacy of War

The classic MMOs of PC are invading our pockets, and this is the case for Final Contract: Legacy of War, a western fantasy 3D strategy turn-based MMORPG, which features both an immersive, exciting story and real-time cross-server PVP battles.

Final Contract: Legacy of War features Spirita, creatures that will aid you in battle. There are a vast number of combinations of both skills and gear for characters and Spirita.

Whether you want to go all in with an Attack formation with deadly critical hits or maybe play it more defensively by mitigating damage is all for you to decide. Additionally, you can create multiple group combination of Spirita and gear and switch them around to battle different enemies!

Spirita is divided into elements and classes. Some will be stronger than others by having a favourable element or career items or offering a considerable strategic advantage. Some character items can also add stats to your Spirita, so keep this in mind when building your strategy.

While assembling your Spirita strategy is important, so is gathering resources and items, as these can make the difference. Within Final Contract: Legacy of War there are multiple PvE lands you can explore to find and challenge a large variety or bosses and dungeons for rare items.

Or, if you like to be a competitive player and love showing others you’re the best player around, you can also jump into Guild Battle where you can battle other players in the name of your Guild and earn exclusive, special rewards.

Also, there are special rewards given to those who complete certain goals within the game like a Legendary Spirita after logging in 7 days in a row, VIP rewards any player can obtain, multiple ways to obtain Legendary Spirita by completing daily quests and at least one Epic Spirita is guaranteed after summoning 10 of them!

The game’s story is based on how the exploitation of elemental power broke the peace Spirita have lived in ever since the creation of the world and about a huge war is about to break up among Humans, Elves and Cyborgs. The secrets of the lore and the characters it offers are yours to discover!

As a nice detail, Final Contract: Legacy of War features an AR mode, in which you can make your Spirita cross the fantasy-reality barrier and take photos with them.

Final Contract: Legacy of War is available for both Android and iOS. Join the war now and fight alongside the Spirita for the peace of their world!

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