Eat, Sip, Save and Repeat – how does a day of games, movies, tech showcases, snacks and drinks sound to you?

And how about twice in a row?

You don’t have to look around: Finding Party got you covered (and at free admission!). From September 23rd to 24th, this 2-day bonanza turns Funan Showsuite into a gaming and geek paradise.

Courtesy of Asiasoft, Finding Party is all about enjoying every single thing we love about parties as both gamers and non-gamers, and we’ll get so much of it we don’t think we can get to everything!

Let’s get this straight: foods and drinks are all on the house. What does this mean?

You’ll get to see two movies (“Nerve” and “Robotic Overlords”), twice if you go both days, accompanied with all the popcorn and candy floss you could ask for, plus all kinds of other snacks and foods. Need a (non-alcoholic) drink to sip that up? Finding Party also got you covered with free beverages.

Little snacks and sweets aren’t enough, though, and that’s why there’ll be a free-flow food bar that gets refilled every hour with all kinds real food (from 5:30pm to 9:30pm), so the party is more than ready for your appetite (and all your friends’).

The fest is so big, it attracted two hosts whom you might know for their food-related adventures: Dee Kosh and Aiken Chia, two stars from the online show “Food King”, and all-around super nice guys that know better than anyone how to liven up their audience (and enjoy every bite).

But isn’t it a gaming party?” You are right, and there are not one, but four gaming events courtesy of Asiasoft’s popular gaming titles:

AuditionSEA Bash (September 24th, 10am – 4pm), where clubbers all around the city will gather for the FAM of the year challenge – plus, over SGD 2500 in prizes to celebrate Audition’s 11th birthday with a bang!

MapleStory SEA Community Day (September 23th, 10am – 3:30pm), where Maplers can join in cosplaying, quizzes, and a secret live event and the MapleSEA Challenge – we aren’t sure what it is, but we know the prizes are worth it.

Special Force Championship (September 13th and 24th, 5pm to 10pm), where FPS pros can duke it out for the chance to represent Singapore and Malaysia in the Special Force Grand Finals in Bangkok.

My Real Stop Challenge (September 23th, 11am – 3:30pm), a mysterious contest where only ten lucky participants get to travel around the world, find their tribe, leave their mark and win over SGD 2000 in prizes.

Lastly, if you are a tech enthusiast, be sure not to miss the tech showcase, where companies like Samsung and HP will bring their latest mobile devices just so you can test them yourself by gaming (also, we can’t rule out you ending up with one of your own!).

You can find Finding Party at Funan Showsuite, High Street, from September 23th to 24th, running 10am to 10pm. Remember, make sure not to miss out and bring all your gamer and non-gamer friends for a day in this everything-free heaven.

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