Fumiko is the name of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has gained sentience and, with it, the freedom to traverse the cyberspace she inhabits – and to grow even stronger.

Of course, this being 2080, the network itself has its own mind and plans for Fumiko, and its bent on stopping her from getting powerful enough to escape its control.

Fumiko manifests itself as a female-like figure and can explore the cyberspace by jumping and dashing through the low-poly, geometry-shaped world. Fumiko!’s levels are a mix of dreamlike flying fantasies and neon-colored techno, with the landscapes taking form as you progress through it, and the landscape changing every step you make.

As Fumiko advances her journey, she meets multiple people on “social hubs”, and by helping them overcome the dangers of this digital world, wins herself new powers that affect her surroundings in surreal ways.

Fumiko!’s charm comes from its dreamlike atmosphere: the world is created on the go as you step through it, and you can just jump off cliffs and start flying to ever different scenes, just float around in an ethereal state, or land on the seemingly non-physical terrain. In the end, rather than calculating your jumps, you’ll rather go for them and “feel” where it’s safest to land on.

The whole experience plays more like a soothing acid trip simulator, with dialogs from the characters and the networks itself just floating above your head, and solid floor being not so distinct from light or empty space.

Fumiko! is already available for $12.99 on Itch.io and Steam. You can find more information at the game’s site or follow Fumiko Studio on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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