Check out TLoZ: Breath of the Wild’s Switch accessories

For many people, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the reason to get a Nintendo Switch at launch day – an open-world experience in one of the richest fantasy worlds to grace a videogame console? Who could blame them?

That’s why, in a rather uncharacteristic move by Nintendo, they have teamed up with PDP to bring a slew of Zelda-themed gaming accessories. Most of these are, naturally, for the Switch, though the 3DS is still getting some love. Some of the most interesting ones are:

Premium Zelda Chat Earbuds, complete with a zipper case (that looks like a gorgeous medallion) and sillicon cable wrapping. The Switch chat capabilities haven’t been explored yet, but it’s useful to be prepared.

The Premium Console Case, which is, simply put, a larger 3DS case (with pockets for your cartridges and all!) rehashed for the handheld-mode Switch. Not the most impressive of the bunch, but practical.

A Secure Game Case… with an alarmingly low slot count for your games (6 cartridges max). It is a hard plastic cover, and if you are traveling around with the Switch you most likely got the Console Case up there (which has its game pockets), so extra protection for your favorite games?

The Switch Starter Kit – Link’s Tunic Edition, which is a more complete piece with a sturdy case, a screen protection kit, earbuds and even some armor for the Joycons.

The only real donwside it’s the white and blue Master Sword coloring instead of the elegant gold and black from the Zelda Earbuds.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a real handheld without some skin customization: the Zelda Collector’s Edition Screen Protection and Skins is exactly what it says on the box, yet its also exactly what most of us would want to get before ever thinking of moving the console outside the house. The alternate thumb caps are a nice touch.

All these and more accessories will launch along the Switch and of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on March 3rd.

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