Pokémon Go’s latest update finally introduced the Buddy system discovered by data miners some time ago. Choose Pokémon to walk along you, and win their respective candies for each step.

The walking alongside you on the overworld part is sadly missing, instead…


…you get a tiny icon next to your avatar’s portrait. It’s a start, we guess.

This updated also introduced Pokémon Go Plus support. The wristwatch releases next week, and it’ll allow you to catch Pokémon, grow eggs, and more without the need to use your phone.

Following this trend, Niantic announced Apple Watch support is on the way, and Jhon Hanke, Niantic’s chief executive, says support for the Android Wear is “pretty likely” in the near future.

While you won’t be able to catch Pokémon in those, the watch apps give some really useful info, like the distance needed for eggs to hatch, XP points needed for a level up, and nearby Pokémon.


According to Hanke, all these new features have the goal of “evangelizing this whole concept of playing games outside, real world games”, stating that they’ll look into any device that promotes gameplay with mobility and being active.

Messianic statements aside, Pokémon Go really has managed to get people out of their homes – recent statistics tell us players have walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers while playing, and despite the game losing so much popularity since it’s launch, it’s still the most profitable mobile game ever.

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