Keep the ball rolling and road to Ballhalla

Think of “a rhythm roll playing game that you can marble at” . If that was painful, I’m sorry, because there’s more in store from Road to Ballhalla, developer Torched Hill’s debuting launch.

There isn’t a lot do: you control a ball crossing a maze. There’s lasers, exploding tiles, exploding walls, exploding bullets, giant red balls of death that make YOU explode, etc.

There’s also light pellets you can collect a la Pacman, and your score is largely dependent on you staying alive for the longest you can.

This is where the magic sets in, as the humor, that stems form both the graphics and the narrator and text on screen, is what tells Ballhalla apart from other puzzlers. The game loses no time in “guiding you” just to snarkily point out how much of a bad decision you took…


…While serving you super dramatic, flashy death. Both graphics and music work together and manage to be pleasant, a good fit for the soundtrack that dictates the hazards movement, and amplify the humor of the narrator’s remarks.

All in all Ballhalla is a surreal game thats a combination of Super Monkey Ball and Tron (synth music included), while the game itself treating you like it was both I Wanna Be The Guy and your asshole friend mocking you from dying so much on I Wanna Be The Guy.


On one hand if you are in on the joke and don’t take yourself (or the GLaDOS impersonator) too seriously, you can’t stop laughing, but on the other you are still dying (he he) to finish the thing and shut their yap.

Road to Ballhalla is available on Steam right now, and while the developer’s site has the usual stuff, the main dev’s Twitter… well, a pic should be enough.


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