One map to Grab ’em all! Grab joins Singapore’s Pokémon players

With the unprecedented popularity of Pokémon Go, it’s only natural business small and big want a piece of cake, but that’s cool if it involves getting free cakes yourself.

Following the recent trend of Pokémon cross promotions, Grab, the Southeast Asia e-hailing platform, has teamed up with players to keep an updated Pokémon Go web map of all of Singapore.


The online, no-install-required Grab Map is constantly updated by players, as they find spawn points, Pokéstops, Pokémon nests, gym locations, and lure parties! This makes it Niantic-proof, if you know what we mean.

You can also filter Pokémon by their rarity, so you can keep those Gyarados and Snorlax at bait. Grab, of course, wants to ride you right to them (and maybe prevent some people from driving while playing?).

The company, whose app ranks at 3.8 million users right now, is working on special ride discounts for trainers visiting certain Singapore landmarks.

This seems restricting, until you remember Pokéspots appear on these landmarks anyway, and the growing popularity of Lure Parties (organized events to keep lures on a Pokéspot so it overflows with monsters for days) makes a shared ride worth it if you can get a week worth of catches while knowing new places.


What’s more interesting, is the ways different business are riding this train – it looks like anyone was invited to the party, and we can only wait to see how useful our trainer credentials will end up being in real life.

While they haven’t pronounced themselves about it, Grab operates in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines too (the HQ just happen to be at Singapore), so keep an eye on them if you live in Southeast Asia.

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