The iconic sci-fi (and mind-bending) stories will be coming back as an interactive tv show/game hybrid.

The CBS has teamed up with video entertainment studio Interlude to give a rather different spin to The Twilight Zone. Ken Levine, Irrational Game’s co-founder and Bioshock’s creative lead and director, has accepted to write the new Twilight Zone pilot, which will “play” as both a tv episode and a choose-your-own-adventure-like experience.

The new series is meant to honor Rod Serling’s original (aired from 1959 to 1964), while giving the viewer/player the power to change the story course during certain plot-points.


The main intent behind this mechanic is to allow viewers to re-watch episodes, choosing different paths and having new experiences each time.

How much of an impact your decisions will have is yet unknown, as for now, the CBS is content to define the series as a new ‘original interactive project’, where viewers can ‘change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels’.

Whatever the case, be it a cyper-punk struggle against an evil, almighty A.I., a chase to escape a corrupted utopia, or something totally different from his previous works, the project will be backed with Ken Levine’s top-notch writing (which has already won him many awards in the gaming scene). You can expect stealth elements and kill/not kill choices in the first minutes.


Twilight Zone’s advantage for this kind of non-linear narrative is noteworthy as, despite its TV format, the show is made out of individual, mostly unrelated stories for each episode, giving it more freedom than what, say, a The Walking Dead adaptation would have.

If you want to check Interlude’s previous works to have a better grasp of what this will look like, you can check their Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” adaptation, which lets you 2”surf” different tv channels where all the actors are lip-synched to the music.

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