In today’s world, it’s all about mobility. Take dating for example, from real life speed dating to the dating websites and now we’ve moved on to apps like OKCupid (I’ve deactivated my account, so yeah, too bad). But of course, I’m not about to talk about dating right now, I’m talking about… experiences?

Are you looking for some fun time on the move?
Having trouble pinpoint the exact location of your favorite Casino?
Want to have all the information available to you anywhere, anytime?

Well, if you’re going “hmmm… yes,” here is some good news for you! What is this new app I’m about to share with you? It’s called CasinoTrip App, and it is up and running and probably has everything you need and more!


I guess you could say that CasinoTrip App is one of a kind. It’s claimed to be the biggest and most comprehensive app that brings you to the exact location of the Casino you’re looking for, provides you with all the necessary data so you’re always prepared and gives you the benefit of taking it with you on your mobile and/or tablet.

The app is considerably the on-the-move arm of CasinoTrip website, this application helps you spice up your travels with, well, no hassle.

How many times you wanted to have all the information about the nearest casino wherever you travel but never had all the necessary data and missed it out?

With CasinoTrip App, you’ll get to the right place, have the accurate information, be able to share your thoughts and says and benefit from others’ and all of that with an ever user-friendly, interactive app, designed especially for people on the move!

Sounds good? Download it now and enjoy state-of-the-art technology, innovative features, global information, easy-to-use platform and a world of opportunities!


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