Ever caught yourself smiling as you come across a particular word while reading a book? Or have your friends ever associated you with a particular word or expression that you use very often? And surely, every now and then you experience reliving a whole world of memories just from coming across a single word that was associated with all those experiences.

These are, simply put, your favorite words. These are the words you really like because you either use them a lot, or they simply make you smile, catch your interest, or even bring back memories.

Now, imagine having a whole list of these words at your fingertips. Instead of relying on memory, or randomly spotting them in some reading material, or a casual conversation, you can look any of these words up in a list that you can access anytime you want.

That’s what FavoriteWords.com is all about. It’s a FREE website that lets you make a list of your own favorite words – one that you can edit or browse through anytime you want.

But why would anyone care about building their own list of favorite words?

The truth is that having such a list could do more than just make you smile or feel better when you’re down. For instance, you get to:

KNOW MORE ABOUT YOURSELF. You’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of personality tests that involve you having to pick among a set of words, or you having to mention a word that comes to your mind based on a given subject. That’s because much like other interests, psychology has proven that the words you are fond of say a lot about who you are.

Try that on yourself sometime. Put up a list in FavoriteWords.com and you’d be surprised at the things about yourself that you weren’t very aware of. And this kind of awareness can be quite essential to managing yourself. You get to be more conscious about what relaxes or irritates you, and you know how to help yourself when you’re depressed or angry.

This kind of self-awareness can be game changing in making life decisions as well. Whether you’re making career choices or deciding what car to buy or where to live, you are at a much better position in making the right decisions when you know yourself more.

BE YOURSELF, ONLY BETTER. Whether it’s in a casual conversation or a business presentation, being aware of the words you are likely to use and what you think you SHOULD use can make or break those perfect first impressions. Having an accessible list of your favorite words helps you be more like yourself.

With FavoriteWords.com, you are better able to study the words you’re inclined to use and learn how and when to use them appropriately. This is important, whether you’re out there to make a name yourself, lobby a personal cause, or market a business you own.

Even big companies know how important it is to identify themselves with the words they use. “Coca-Cola” got its name from the coca leaves and kola nuts that were used to make the soda. The term “Apple” originated from the fact that its founder Steve Jobs used to work at an apple orchard, and that it was his personal favorite fruit. These companies are well known in their fields greatly because of how the words they used were very close to them, making it easy for consumers to remember them.

When you know what words you identify easily with, you become better at being yourself than you were before. Imagine how easy it is to achieve that by keeping a list of your favorite words that you can easily view from your browser or mobile phone.

MEET PEOPLE YOU WILL LIKE. Say goodbye to looking through internet hash tags and random matching on social networking sites. FavoriteWords.com will show you other users who have at least 10 similar favorite words as you.

Being matched with other people that way increases the chances of meeting people you will actually like, simply because all those matching words already give you a lot to start with. Your interests, personalities, your likes and dislikes are all found in a pool of words you and your new friend have in common. There’s so much room for you to discover things you and your friend can enjoy together.

So take time to know yourself better, to be yourself better, and meet people you will actually like. Make your own list of favorite words with FavoriteWords.com. And it’s all for free, so it’s definitely worth a try!

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