Making every Item in an Image Accessible – Piccing

Ever wondered what it’d be like if you could reach out to an image, click on it, and purchase it there and then? With Piccing, that wonder is somewhat actuality.

Piccing is your place to discover, recommend and share everything that you love on one image sharing platform. We’ve made it possible to turn your favorite images into reality with a direct link to purchase the items you see.


Meet your personal lifestyle assistant!

Discover things you see in an image. Locate everything you want.

Picc the images you love.

Take a photo, upload an image from your photo library or browse the image feed.

Mark the items you see. 

Mark an item or area of interest within the image.

Get the things you want.

Explore a dedicated product selection based on your mark, giving you access to hundreds of brands directly from your fingertips.

Want to know more? Take the tour.

Now available in App Store.

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