Dauntless’ servers are experiencing dire situations on launch

Dauntless has been a heavily expected game for many as it’s the first online alternative for Monster Hunter. It allows players to join others in an online lobby to take out dangerous beasts, earning them both loot and experience so they can face even more dangerous creatures. The game launched its alpha state back in […]

GameStart 2016: Let’s wrap up

Southeast Asia’s biggest gaming convention is over. Tournaments, contests, showcases and random prizes, see everything you might have missed from GameStart 2016 here!

GameStart 2016: Day One Highlights

The biggest gaming convention of the year is taking place right now, and you still got time to go! Check out the first day highlights here.

Xbox Live Indie Games is officially under clock.

Yesterday, developers all over the world woke up with this in their inboxes. Starting September 9, 2015, no more paid memberships will be sold, and developers have one more year to release their games to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace (and only through direct email contact with Microsoft). After September 9, 2016, no new […]