Dead Cells: Die, learn and don’t give up

Explore and kill, get your butt kicked, learn, repeat are the main characteristics of Dead Cells, a frustrating yet rewarding roguelike game which also features many Metroidvania aspects. Explore a dungeon full of enemies and face dangers in the environment while you try to survive as much as you can so you don’t lose what […]

The CSGO Gun Show: Pistols

Being an FPS game, it’s pretty easy to think that mostly aim is what makes a good Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player… and that’s not totally inaccurate, but so many factors play a major difference when it comes to winning that important eco round or not. New Counter-Strike players easily grow accustomed to only using the […]

Angel Stone Review: Cute rocks, indeed.

Angel Stone is a dark, high-fantasy mobile RPG where you join a rebellious faction against its demonic oppressors. With stunning graphic work, cross-platform support and real-time multiplayer mode, how can the gameplay hold the promise if its super-shinny package?

SOMA: Part human, part machine. All sunken.

Face the horrors hidden in the depths of sea and mind in SOMA, the latest sci-fi horror title from Frictional Games. With Amnesia, Penumbra, and 5 years in the making backing it up, what can we expect in their most story-driven game yet?   Food is scarce, there’s no one to ask for help, and […]

Minecraft: We got Survival and Creative… is Story Mode a good idea?

As of this writing, Minecraft: Story Mode is set to pre-launch somewhere in 2015. Telltale Games, the award-winning minds behind hits like The Walking Dead: Season One & Two, Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones (the games), are the ones taking the pixelated reign/canvas that is Minecraft to a new, TV-script-like format to […]

Amazing World Review: This game is more than just for kids!

Amazing World Overview Amazing World is a 3D Virtual World for boys and girls of at least 6 years old to battle the forces of evil and fight for what is right. Being a browser-based massively-multiplayer-online (MMO) action game, Amazing World has a welcoming social community, child-friendly action and educational puzzles that will be sure […]

Limbo: Gazes Notwithstanding, The Abyss is Trying to Kill You.

I’ll state the most important thing, first and foremost: Limbo is a game where you die a lot. Yes, it also has a rather unique approach on style, non-intrusive narrative and actually handles the “horror” title (this is coming from someone who firmly believes the horror genre died decades ago). But I need you to […]