Dauntless’ servers are experiencing dire situations on launch

Dauntless has been a heavily expected game for many as it’s the first online alternative for Monster Hunter. It allows players to join others in an online lobby to take out dangerous beasts, earning them both loot and experience so they can face even more dangerous creatures. The game launched its alpha state back in […]

EA Access will no longer be exclusive to Xbox One

Subscription services are all around us, and they’ve become a staple for online game stores. Subscription services bring the user multiple benefits; discounts, special offers and even a monthly rotation of free games! Some subscription services remain exclusive to certain consoles; this might be because of some exclusivity deals game developers might have with the […]

Is the leaked PS4 Slim real?

A not-yet-released PS4 Slim appeared in an auction site. The Internet was quick to call fake, until someone bit the bullet and bought it. Here are the details.

What did we miss for Silent Hills with mangaka legend Junji Ito onboard?

The short-lived Silent Hills still dwells in the minds of its fans after the official cancellation on April. Guillermo del Toro, one of the would-be collaborators, recently announced there was one last unknown, yet big name among Silent Hills ranks: horror manga legend Junji Ito. Is he putting salt on the injury, or is something […]

No Man’s Sky: Infinite Enough.

An endless sky, with no masters or boundaries… that’s the promise of No Man’s Sky, a sci-fi survival game that uses math formulas to generate explorable universe on the spot.