New games, hardware and more announced by The Pokemon Company

There is no denying how much Pokemon has grown as a franchise in the last decades. Starting back on the Game Boy Colour, fans were shaken by these creatures and how they faced each other in fierce combat. Eventually, the game started drawing a lot of attention, and the implementation of more advanced strategic systems […]

Crusaders of Light: Back to old-school MMOs

Around 20 years ago MMOs started getting popular, the idea of playing with people from every continent in a massive world that could hold tens of thousands of players at the same time always sounded tempting, and how not, nowadays the most popular games around are multiplayer games, making friends, the competitivity and been able […]

Angel Stone Review: Cute rocks, indeed.

Angel Stone is a dark, high-fantasy mobile RPG where you join a rebellious faction against its demonic oppressors. With stunning graphic work, cross-platform support and real-time multiplayer mode, how can the gameplay hold the promise if its super-shinny package?