Summoners War + Mobile eSports: Let’s Clear Things Up

A couple of months ago, we ran a feature on Summoners War first ever online tournament. At the time, Com2uS was just getting started with its campaign to create an eSports scene for Summoners War – since then, they’ve added the Goodwill Mode (self-hosted tournaments) and spectator mode, along with another mobile off-line competition held […]

Summoners War: Behind the scenes of the mobile eSports world

[UPDATE 3] We saw your questions, we asked Com2uS, and we got an answer. Check it out! [UPDATE 2] Schizophrenic Gamer featured us in a recent video! You should check it out, he made a very thorough analysis of this interview (and sparked quite a heated discussion in the comments). Thanks a lot! (Also, fixed […]