12 Reasons why Businesses should engage Bloggers

I think I applied to TIN sometime back, but never really got any form of proper reply, which is okay, I still get content from them, so that’s pretty kewl. For one, I don’t need to constantly crack my brain about what to write. Anyhow, this topic was addressed to “Dear Bloggers & friends…” I’m […]

10 (somewhat) Newly Found Popular Job Titles

Before I reveal what I lifted off TODAYonline, I have to say, I neeeeed to re-illustrate my avatar. Okay then, moving along now… LinkedIn examined over 259 million profiles on its social network to determine 10 most popular job titles today that barely existed in 2008.

The Time Traveller Photographer

If you’ve watched The Time Traveler’s Wife, this has completely no relation whatsoever. Haha. Chino Otsuka, photographer, somewhat genius, has discovered the art of time travelling. Not physically, but possibly digitally. “Instead of exploiting a whole in the space-time continuum to time travel, she simply digitally spliced her adult self into old photographs from her […]

The Types of Gamer Girls You Can Date

I’m addicted to Games in Asia, not only because of its gaming content but also, the interesting articles they write. One, caught my attention and “inspired” me to write this. You know, back when I was in school, gamer girls were as rare as hen’s teeth. These days, girls that play games are a dime […]