Call of Duty’s eSports scene is evolving

eSports scenes are in a constant state of change and can drastically turn from one thing to another within months. Whether it’s by making a major adjustment like changing their format or smaller ones like changing its name, the concept of change is always present. However, this doesn’t mean all changes are bad ideas. Sometimes, […]

Hearthstone: Boomsday Metagame

The Boomsday expansion has been out for a few months and players have been crafting new and creative decks ever since. As expected, some new deck ideas were born, and others got reinforced, which made ranking up the ladder feel more diverse and fun overall, but some similarities were carried along from Witchwood. It took […]

The CSGO Gun Show: Shotguns

In the previous article, we covered the different pistols featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, explaining their pros and cons when compared to each other. While being able to determine which pistol to buy in your first round is important, but that’s only the beginning, what about the rest of the […]