Summoners War + Mobile eSports: Let’s Clear Things Up

A couple of months ago, we ran a feature on Summoners War first ever online tournament. At the time, Com2uS was just getting started with its campaign to create an eSports scene for Summoners War – since then, they’ve added the Goodwill Mode (self-hosted tournaments) and spectator mode, along with another mobile off-line competition held […]

Challenge the world with Summoners War’s new battle mode

A new Summoners War update appears, and this time, Com2uS is bringing the “Goodwill Contest” mode: since June 4th, players can now organise their global competitions in the World Arena, and compete to their fullest with an expanded Monster Storage and Slots.

Summoners War: Behind the scenes of the mobile eSports world

[UPDATE 3] We saw your questions, we asked Com2uS, and we got an answer. Check it out! [UPDATE 2] Schizophrenic Gamer featured us in a recent video! You should check it out, he made a very thorough analysis of this interview (and sparked quite a heated discussion in the comments). Thanks a lot! (Also, fixed […]

Valiant Force: Even ashes ignite with a firestorm strong enough

Southeast Asia’s game development scene is one of the most rapidly growing of the world. While behemoths like Google Play are reaching out for potential in all of SEA, XII Braves is a Singaporean studio already showing triple-A quality, and no fear of competing in the international market. Their flagship game, Valiant Force, is a […]

Of knights and spectres: Our top 5 mobile game picks

Mobile gaming isn’t the future anymore: it’s the rule. We are in a super-busy world, so being able to live large adventures at minute-sized bits has never been more important. Here we look at some of the best current mobile games you might be missing out, either for their gameplay, creativity, or sheer awesomeness.