Games Format War: Why are the physical games losing the fight?

When video games, both on consoles or PC, of a decade or 2 ago (sometimes even older) come to our mind, one of the main things remembered are those big and appealing to the eye boxes and disk covers with their high quality materials and thick gaming manuals that provided us of so much information […]

Obsidian Entertainment: Is Microsoft really acquiring them?

For those who do not know who Obsidian Entertainment are, well, they are no less than an RPG developer known for being the creators of some masterpieces such as: Fallout: New Vegas; which is probably, the best game of the Fallout franchise, Pillars of Eternity, which is a party-based RPG, the magnificent RPG South Park: […]

Summoners War Invades (All) The World with World Arena Championship

Summoners War is officially taking the leap: with 9 countries, 16 players, and USD 100k up for grabs, the Summoners War World Arena Championship opens its gates all across the globe. Unlike the previous seasons, this tournament is unique in how it invades the real world, as players travel and duke it out in offline […]