Minecraft: Recreating our childhood fun times with digital blocks

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. It’s established in an enormously generated universes of extensively open territory. It includes icy mountains, swamps, marshes, vast meadows and much more – full of mysteries, phenomena’s and dangers. What brands Minecraft so distinctly is that it has withstood the trial of time. It is the minimalist element that the game’s developers concentrated on making multifaceted and fun gameplay that is giving gamers a reason to keep coming back again and again even after so many years.

The game has been ranked as the most downloaded and played game on XBOX plus PC for the month of January and February 2019. Though, there is an additional reason why Minecraft has managed to stay “alive” for so long. These are the mods of this game.

There are ridiculously insane amounts of mods that have kept the game dynamic for so long. The flawless sample of this is the “Masters of Minecraft mod” which has been particularly planned for Minecraft battle royal and many more. As this mod gives the player extra features like speeding up its gameplay, what’s more, this mod is always getting updates from the community.


Players can learn a lot from Minecraft game as the game challenges a player’s creativity and mind. The creativity can be challenged more via the modes in the game already present or in downloadable content. It is a multi-platform, sandbox-style quest game. It means players explore this universe and use building blocks to create anything they can imagine. The game may seem mild and easier said than done but it changes to a more violent picture when you start playing it on survival mode. There is some mild violence involved like killing other creatures, players and eventually bosses. But because of the blocky graphics, nothing can be said about it being gory or violent as everything seems like an innocent block.

The creative mode really challenges the player’s inventive minds, resourcefulness and creativity. Kids can pick up creative discerning, geometrical and geological thinking as they shape creative blocks in this built-up one-sided game. One may say that Minecraft is very good for kids and adults alike.

The Overview

Similar to any evaluation being done by anyone, my approach to Minecraft is the outcome of my familiarity and involvement through it. Perhaps you don’t have to start on arbitrary adventures like I did and feel the same intellectual achievement as I did when I completed my 1st home inside this game. If not, then you probably haven’t or won’t enjoy Minecraft the same way I did, and that is perfectly fine. Minecraft is not like any former game like you have played before as there are more than one ways to play this game. This is an open world blank space challenging you to jump in. The question now raised is how you are going to tackle this world and succeed; and are you willing to make your blockish dreams comes to come true and give life to your creativity.

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