Clash of Clans: Throw your units into a hyper speed battle!

Clash of Clans is a free strategic game published and developed by Finland game developers called the Super-cell. The game was developed for Apple OS platform on 2nd August 2012, & on Googles Play in Android OS on 17th of October, 2013.

The game starts in a fictional themed fantasy world, in which the player is a leader of a village in the end town when levelled up. The game gives the players responsibility to shape their own village using the assets obtained from confronting other players’ through-out the game from its combat features. The key assets are gold, elixirs, and black elixirs. Players can adjoin to make clans, groups of up to 50 individuals who can then contribute in Clan Wars collectively, give and accept troops, and also start chatting with other players.

Clash of Clans was developed in 2013 of October after its release got many positive reviews, met a lot of praise from countless critics.


Clash of Clans is free to play online multi-player game through which players form groups called clans, train their armies, and battle other players to receive assets. There are 4 assets or currencies in the entire game. Gold & elixirs can be used to construct and replenish fortifications that defend the players from other players’ assaults. Elixirs and black elixirs are also used in training and upgrading hordes and incantations. Jewels are the first-class or premium currencies. Assaults are graded on a three-star rating gauge and have a complete time interval of 3 minutes.

The game also contains a half single players war sequence in which the player can assault a number of protected goblin communities and acquire gold, elixirs and darkness elixirs (up to level 51 to 75 only). The game begins with two constructors, but the player can have up to five constructors by buying them with jewels.


At first, I had thought that none of any iPad or iPhone games would have been so addictive for me. When I played Clash of Clans, I realised that my thought had been wrong.

For iPad/iPhone level, this game is surprisingly good. The difficulty is just right. I meant that the opponents in multi-player are quite appropriate for you because of its ranking system. Although the single player version is kind of suck, you don’t really need to play it, as soon as you progress to the multiplayer where you’ll find the other players as enemies. You will be content to know that you can play this game with your families and also enter your friends’ clan, and make your ways collectively to the upper ranks.

The upgrading system is well-organised, you can upgrade your troops or buildings or defensive buildings as soon as you progress to the higher level, so you can match with your enemies. The defence system is also somehow good. There are 2 paths to get ahold of the gold currencies & elixirs, first bargain or thieve your way from multi-player & secondly, may gather it yourself from your collector’s building.

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