The King’s Bird: Relax and fly

The King’s Bird is a pretty challenging indie platform game that will make you feel relaxed with its art design and relaxing environment.

You play as a girl who lives in a kingdom isolated from the rest of the world by a strange kind of magical barrier that only its king can cross. In the first level after exploring a bit the map and learning how to play, the girl happens to find the king crossing the barrier and follows him, discovering how he managed to do so.

The king then has a little argument with her, but still, that doesn’t stop her from leaving with a new ability that allows her to fly, she then enjoys her freedom through the world that she can now explore. This world consists of 4 kingdoms with 4 levels each. After this, the story will be explained through a sequence of dreams and wall arts that appear at many levels.

The game itself is very entertaining as platform games usually are, the levels are full of dangers even though the music is very happy and the background is always full colours and beauty, you will also need quite a bit of practice to learn how to play fluently and manage to clear the levels without having to repeat the same part a lot of times.

The flying system is not complicated, it’s more as if you were planning rather than flying, the time you can be on the air depends on your momentum, the more you get, the farther away you can go, and how do you know how long you can be in the air? Simple, the girl has a scarf which gets smaller as you are planning but once you touch a surface it will reset.

Getting the trick on it is not that hard, just dedicate a few hours on playing levels and practising, once you get used to it you will enjoy the game very happily. There will also be some birds through the levels that can get caught and act as collectables in every level; a small problem with these birds is that sometimes they get mixed with the background and are hard to see, but they will start following you if you fly by them.

The levels are definitely not impossible but they may require a bit of repetition, however, there are plenty of checkpoints scattered around so there’s no need to worry if something goes wrong. Also, if the game feels too hard you can change the settings to make the game easier so you can move onto other levels, enjoy the story and try again those levels that represented a challenge to you later on.

Overall the game is pretty fun and if you are a platform lover this is definitely a game that you will enjoy, all the backgrounds have different themes, they are all pretty colourful, the music is nice and the levels are challenging enough. If you like indie games then this one is definitely worth giving an opportunity. The King’s Bird is available on Steam for $20.

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