Hearthstone: Boomsday Metagame

The Boomsday expansion has been out for a few months and players have been crafting new and creative decks ever since.

As expected, some new deck ideas were born, and others got reinforced, which made ranking up the ladder feel more diverse and fun overall, but some similarities were carried along from Witchwood. It took a while until the meta finally started to settle in and it was easier to tell which decks everyone’s likely to run into.

As a small parenthesis, we’d like to express our small disappointment regarding how underwhelming the “Magnetic” mechanic turned out to be. Sadly it’s not relevant enough to be consistently seen in the meta, and it almost feels like Zilliax is the only magnetic card worth playing.

That said, let’s jump right into our top 5 meta decks in the Boomsday expansion:

(The order of this list is completely random and it does NOT express one deck is better than another.)

5. Even Warlock

Let’s start the list with Even Warlock, a mid-range/control deck feared for its strong turn four and eight plays have been terrorising players ever since the Witchwood expansion. Good minions, useful spells and substantial amounts of removal and healing are what you’ll have to be prepared for when facing this deck.

However, it used to lose quite consistently against combo decks such as Malygos and Togwaggle Druid or Shudderwock Shaman, which is precisely what Boomsday fixed with the addition of Demonic Project, a two-mana spell that transforms a random minion in both players hands into a random Demon.

It was precisely what Even Warlock needed to be an all-rounded deck capable of having a decent game against all archetypes available in the meta. You can push this card burn strategy even further by adding two copies of Gnomeferatu, a two-mana 2/3 minion that removes the top card of your opponent’s deck.

Beating this deck is a little tricky as it can easily trade minions with almost every deck in the meta and still be ahead, but being as aggressive as possible while staying safe is the way to go because Even Warlock is likely to use their hero power every turn, making them lose a lot of health in the process.

Here’s a code for an Even Warlock deck:


4. Odd Rogue

The most popular aggro deck out there, this deck has efficient one-mana and three-mana minions that synergise quite well with the 2/2 hero power bringing both board control and consistent aggression.

However, the deck lacked card draw and having Elven Minstrel cost four mana made it impossible to add in an odd deck. Additionally, sprint’s mana cost is too high to consider in an aggro oriented deck.

Luckily, the Boomsday expansion gave Odd-Rogue the card it needed! It’s so efficient that it can lead to a win in the turn after it’s played! It’s called Myra’s Unstable Element, a five mana legendary spell that draws your entire deck.

Of course, this card is a double-edged sword. It can help you refill your hand with aggressive cards that can help you finish off your opponent, but it can also make you fatigue and lose if you didn’t draw the resources to win.

That single card was enough to allow Odd-Rogue stay relevant after the expansion, sitting consistently at the top tiers of the meta even with so many anti-aggro decks like Druid or Even Warlock being around.

However, Odd-Rogue is still an aggro deck, and it can run out of steam after a few turns if its threats are effectively dealt with. Being a legendary, players can only run one copy of Myra’s Unstable Element, so it won’t be played every single game.

Here’s a code for an Odd-Rogue deck: AAECAaIHBqICyAPKywKvBOf6Ap74Agz1BYwCywOL5QLrwgLUBabvAt0IysMCn8IC0eECgcICAA==

Even though the Boomsday expansion seemed to be such a huge project for Hearthstone, it didn’t have much impact to the metagame. Most decks stayed the same and had their flaws reduced which is always good.

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