The CSGO Gun Show: Shotguns

In the previous article, we covered the different pistols featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, explaining their pros and cons when compared to each other.

While being able to determine which pistol to buy in your first round is important, but that’s only the beginning, what about the rest of the game? Well, in today’s article we’re going to move along onto the Heavy weapon category.

This category is quite a special one; it features not only Shotguns but also Light Machine Guns for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, including an exclusive Shotgun for each side. However, we’re just going to cover Shotguns in this article.

First off, we’ll take a look into the shotguns available for both teams:



Costing $1200, the Nova is the cheapest Shotgun for the Counter-Terrorists. This Shotgun is most effective on the second round right after winning pistol round.

With its 50% armour penetration and firing nine pellets per shot (26 damage per bullet), it will help you blast off both armoured and unarmoured targets. Its most effective at close to medium range as its damage decays 30% every 500 units.


Costing $2000 for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, the XM1014 features the highest armour penetration of all shotguns (80%) and, of course, being an automatic Shotgun, it also has the fastest fire-rate.

But even taking that into consideration, it’s not as effective as the Nova. It shoots six pellets per shot (20 damage per bullet) which also scales down 30% every 500 units.

The XM1014 can be helpful you if you’re not too acquainted with Shotguns, as it allows the player to fire more in less time.


Now, moving on to the exclusives we have:

Mag-7 (Counter-Terrorists):

This Shotgun sits at a very accessible price of $1800, making it what we consider to be the most cost-effective Shotgun for the Counter-Terrorists.

It has 75% armour penetration which is great for armoured enemies and shoots eight pellets per shot (30 damage per pellet). Additionally, this weapon is the only Shotgun to have a magazine, and it’s able to reload completely instead of doing it bullet per bullet.

The Mag-7 is excellent if you like a mobile playstyle. It has a high accuracy while running and jumping, and has a quite small spread, making it easy to one-shot enemies. Its damage does decay 65% every 500 unis, but that’s just a design detail you have to play around.


And lastly, for the Terrorist we have:


Costing $1200, this is the Terrorist side counterpart of the Mag-7, as it also has 75% armour penetration and decaying damage of 65% every 500 units. However, the Sawed-Off has a really short range of 750 units.

This shotgun is more effective on close-quarters, more specifically on ladders, as it has the widest spread among Shotguns, this weapon most efficient if you’re trying to lurk around a closed place in the map waiting for a distracted target to walk by. It’s also great for eco rounds.

And that concludes our article about the Shotguns of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Did you find useful? Knowing the difference between every Shotgun is essential when considering buying one. Choose the one that fits you the most, or the one you feel the most comfortable with. Good luck! Team (

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