It’s been a while since Summoners War introduced the World Arena, its real-time PvP battlefield. Now, Com2uS follows up with the pre-registration for the Guild Siege Battle: the game’s first event with guild-based, three-way battles where players compete against other two player-teams to defend their bases from enemy assaults while hunting down the other bases.

The event comes as a response from the demands of many players that liked the World Arena but were growing tired of the lack of PvP gameplay options. While classic PvP tests your battling and team-building skills to the max, now the guild mode tests your real-world teamwork as it pits three teams against one another in a “protect the base” competition.

The Guild Battle mode is designed for a more strategic, team-based gameplay where coordinating your defences and attacks is critical to protect your base and assist your teammates to conquer the other bases until the time runs out.

This time, the competition’s prize might only be the glory of being the first one to master this PvP mode, but all participants will be awarded three Mystical Scrolls and three Rainbowmons upon registration.

Even though the event doesn’t have a lot going on, it will be the first time players get to practice as Guilds and see where their weaknesses are as a team (even Com2uS itself advises players to “assist their weak teammates”). On the other hand, the event provides an unprecedented chance for newer players to team up with their more experienced pals for a taste of real-world glory.

More Guild events are sure to come, and you want to be ready when better prizes come with them! (Also, we feel safe to expect Guild Battles to show up in upcoming offline tournaments.)

Pre-registrations are open now until the next update hits. See you in the Arena!

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