A Gummy’s Life: Become the sugar king!

In a world where gummies have taken control, there can be only one person in charge of the sugar. Could it be you? You can choose the gummy you like the most, customize it and fight your friends or family in this sweet game full of surprises!

A Gummy’s Life is a local multiplayer physics-based brawler developed by EP Games, in which you can fight your friends or the AI using the gummy you like the most. There are ten gummy-made characters you can choose from, each one with different stat combination that can help you become the next sugar king! These characters are all customizable, as they all have different colors.

There can be up to 16 gummies fighting each other at once; this includes bots, whose difficulty can be set from easy, through normal or hard, if you’re up for a challenge.  You can also set how many games you want to play, how many bots you want to add and a sudden death option in case you want to determine who’s the sweet winner just in case a draw occurs.

Every map is different than the other ones in its own unique, different way. Some of them include direct user interaction, as they allow you to set traps for your enemies or maybe activate mechanisms that will help you seize victory. From cannonballs to electrified publicity ad banners to even chainsaws! Every map will contain something special what will make you have the sweetest time of your life!

Some other maps have AI controlled threats that will hunt anything that moves. From zombies that will slowly swarm hunt everyone, to the swift and dangerous yakuza that will surely spice up your game more than once.

The fun can’t be complete without time-limited maps. These will contain global threats that will pressure every gummy fighter, from honeycomb floor that will fall after standing on it for too long, to a pudding floor that’s slowly sinking in hot chocolate to even a clock floor that falls and transforms the fighting stage into a deadly rope jumping contest. Every single map will make you keep your eyes open at all times!

The fighting system is simple, yet hilarious. You can make your gummy punch other gummies with either their arms, legs or their heads! After receiving some damage, gummies will faint and lay on the ground for a short period. You can use this window of time to kick their fainted bodies off the stage, so they stay out of the fight until the next game.

You can also grab onto your enemies and use them as a gummy shield to block incoming attacks from other gummies or objects in the map, which can be really useful. And sometimes, the best strategy you can use is fleeing from risky fights; you can run from your enemies to lure them into traps or other enemies. Being the last gummy standing is the key to victory!

While still in early access, it’s continually updated, and being sold at the Steam Store for 9.99 USD.

All in all, A Gummy’s Life is a sweet game that will surely make anyone who plays it have the time of their lives! Are you willing to challenge your friends to find out who’s got what takes to become the next king of the sugar?

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