A Gummy’s Life: Become the sugar king!

In a world where gummies have taken control, there can be only one person in charge of the sugar. Could it be you? You can choose the gummy you like the most, customize it and fight your friends or family in this sweet game full of surprises! A Gummy’s Life is a local multiplayer physics-based […]

Xbox Academy: A new generation (of devs) begins!

The indie game developing scene is growing bigger and bigger as time passes. We’ve seen multiple indie games taking the spotlight in various genres within the gaming atmosphere, which means indie developers are steadily improving the quality of the ideas they come up with and, with it, that of their games. This can become intimidating […]

Overwatch Singapore Tournament: The FPS scene needs heroes!

Singapore’s eSports culture is growing steadily – and fast! DotA 2, League of Legends, FIFA Online, and most prominently Street Fighter (for which the country sports prodigy World Champion Xian Ho) have enthusiasts increasing their numbers every year. Of course, First-Person Shooter couldn’t be left behind, and which better game than the community’s (and our) […]

Valiant Force: Even ashes ignite with a firestorm strong enough

Southeast Asia’s game development scene is one of the most rapidly growing of the world. While behemoths like Google Play are reaching out for potential in all of SEA, XII Braves is a Singaporean studio already showing triple-A quality, and no fear of competing in the international market. Their flagship game, Valiant Force, is a […]