Don’t miss out Fire Emblem Heroes’ Orb giveaway

A new event running on Fire Emblem Heroes might be just what many of us were waiting for. For a limited run (until February 27th), you can complete special, limited-time quests to obtain up to 12 Orbs (aside from the regular loot).

These quests aim at weapon mastery, with each mission focusing on solving a section of the story mode or training tower, with either swords, lances or axes, needing you to assemble a mono-weapon team to take down your enemies. Each of the three mission categories has a Normal and Hard mode (here are the 2 Orbs), totaling six.

Adding to those are the ones from the two unique maps commemorating the game’s launch; which upon defeat, net another 6 Orbs for a total of 12. All of this on top of the usual 2-Orb reward for logging in every day, which means this week you can make up to 26 Orbs if you log every day, enough for another 5-Character Summon with some Orbs to spare just by beating the 12 event battles.

The Orb-rewarding missions are few and far between, so be sure to don’t miss out on these ones.

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