Standby, developer Noclip’s second game (after the similarly fast-paced Barrier X), throws you in the middle of glitched worlds at the verge of collapse, but worlds where every surface and cranny is yours to travel as fast as you can.

Here, everything form crushing traps to secutiry lasers stays, at most, half a second on the screen – not like you have half a second to lose; your jumps, dashes and steps must be so well timed, you either overwhelm the stage, or get owned by it. On the upside, losing and retrying is a matter of seconds.

Standby stands out for its incredible movement mechanics: not only do you have a character capable of treating every pixel on the screen as a stepping stone, but other motion ways like Teleportation or flying between air “boosters” will be key on each stage, of which there are fifty four.

The neon-filled backgrounds and electronic music couldn’t be more fitting – the world is as vibrant as it’s loud, exactly what you’d expect when whatever you are not accelerating towards, is probably being hurled at you, and exactly what you need to keep your eyes on the screen (Standby isn’t error-friendly, as you might have noticed).

If you are up for an extremely fast, colorful and exciting race against death, Standby is available for 6.79 USD at a special discount on Steam. You can check out Noclip’s projects on their site, YouTube, and Twitter.

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