Laura Kate Dale, the now official Nintendo Switch leaker, has published a new set of rumors regarding Ubisoft games.

First, the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2, codenamed “Odyssey”, might be a Switch exclusive… for the first 12 months. According to Laura, after one year in the Nintendo console, the game will release, but only in digital form, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dale later added we could expect a new teaser from the game in the Switch event the next week.

So far, all we know about Beyond Good & Evil 2 comes from creator Michael Ancel, who spoiled some artwork via Instagram back in November, which led to the belief the game is indeed a prequel featuring Beyond Good & Evil Jade’s father (contrary to what the game after-credits scenes would lead you to believing).

After this, she spilled the beans on 2 Rayman-related news: a Switch port of Rayman Legends will be ready during the first half of 2017, and the upcoming Mario and Rabbids crossover game might be pushed back to September; under the name “Rabbids Kingdom Battle”.

The fact all the leaks are Ubisoft-related opens up some questions (maybe she’s contacting the companies directly?), but it does show Nintendo has some tricks under its sleeve: it has been long since Ubisoft released exclusives in a Nintendo console, and they going as far as making a crossover with the Rabbids has been unheard of since the Nintendo DS days (not like a Basketball game with the Final Fantasy crew made any sense, but still).

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