Black Friday is fast approaching, and this year it’s very big for gamers: while the strongest card under the stores’ sleeves is, hand-down, Pokémon Sun and Moon (just launching in the US at the time of this writing), Overwatch has been the competitive game of the year, and all players still sitting on it are waiting for the Black Friday deals to join the party.

Luckily, you can avoid the hassle of Black Friday itself by getting the game at discount, just a week before everyone else goes crazy.

Amazon and Best Buy just launched the first Overwatch promotion since its launch, selling the game for only USD35. This goes for all versions: PlayStation 4, PC (both digital and physical) and Xbox One. This price is notably lower than the similar sale being offered in Xbox Live, which starts the next week.

So far, Best Buy’s offers are November 18th only, and we have no information how long will they last for Amazon.

This seems like a weird move from the retailers, considering Blizzard is currently running a free-play weekend event for Overwatch (where you get everything included in the latest update for free), so it would make more sense to give away the offers after we have checked out Sombra first-hand.

In any case, this is still the first time we can get Overwatch at discount, and it’s unlikely even the “real” Black Friday deals will get under USD35, so, quite the unique chance right here for everyone keeping an eye on the game.

Here are the links for all editions at both Amazon and Best Buy.


Best Buy:

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