Pokémon Sun and Moon, Global Mission One: Catch 100 million Pokémon

Ever since we got Wi-Fi connection back in Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon games have made use of online capabilities for events and battling; yet the biggest player interaction we’ve had was via the Global Trade System (a worldwide bazaar to exchange Pokémon) and side-games like the Dream World.

For the first time in the franchise’s history, we are getting something players can cooperate towards: global challenges are a new feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and they made it very clear it was going to be a team’s effort: players must catch 100 million Pokémon between November 29th and December 13th, barely giving us a window of two weeks.

The prize is 1000 festival coins for all players who participated (with a consolation prize of 100 coins for everyone, should the goal not be met).


In Pokémon Global Link’s announcement, they also made clear players need to enable Game Sync and have it turned on at least until December 13th.

After the games’ betas were leaked (and mined) on the web some weeks ago, Nintendo has held a pretty steady hand finding and banning users, by detecting the connection of devices not registered for a legit copy of the game. So, from Nintendo’s standpoint, these challenges could serve a dual purpose: a way to detect “unauthorized” players, and an incentive for people (who have or don’t have the pirated version) to acquire the original, online-safe games.

More global challenges are confirmed for the near future; at least we can expect a little more love than with Pokémon GO’s events.

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