From Venezuelan developer 3DAvenue comes Spectrum, a platformer set in an abstract, stylized world of shapes, colors and wormholes. You must help the 3-eyed specter escape this rainbow world and go back to the darkness it came from.

The gameplay feels fluid because it keeps things simple: you jump, you dive, and you avoid getting killed. No more mechanics involved, and the result is over 80 courses where you must gracefully traverse all kind of moving, rotating, pop-out-of-nowhere-to-kill-you dangers.

In Spectrum, each stage contains 3 objectives aside form reaching its end, mostly involving collecting different items (like white pellets scattered all across each level), that in turn demand more accuracy and wit that just finding the next wormhole.

The most outstanding aspect, however, are the aesthetics, which are gorgeous by themselves, using 2D movement and perspective in a fully 3D world to create a very nice contrast, which is also present in the colorfulness of the world vs. your own blackness.


Combine the neon-like 2/3D graphics with Electronic music and everything on the screen either rotating or moving in complex patterns, and the result is a cool psychedelic platformer that requires surgical precision to complete (it sure helps the above description isn’t that far from a trance show).

The most common complain among players? There aren’t enough levels (yet)!

You can play Spectrum on Android, iOS, and now PC via Steam for a mere USD5, with the excellent IDM soundtrack as an extra for another buck.

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