You know your day is going to be special when it begins with Iron Man vs. a Stormtrooper in an office chair race.

GameStart 2016 started with a blast. During it’s first day, players from all over Southeast Asia were the first to play demos of highly anticipated games like Final Fantasy XV and Gears of Wars 4.

Xbox's booth was always full, but with such a monstrous presence, you can hardly blame anyone from being beaten by curiosity
Xbox’s booth was always full, but with such a monstrous presence, you can hardly blame
anyone from being beaten by curiosity

Local talent was overflowing too, with lots of indie developers showcasing their new games, aiming to pitch their creations to the world in the Indie Game Pitch Awards, sponsored by Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia and DMM Games.

As a GameStart visitor, you still have time to vote, and help your favorite Singapore studio bring their ideas to big publishers at the Taipei Game Show 2017.


For everyone feeling nostalgic, the NajArcade brought classic console games from all genres – from Street Fighter to Contra, to Sonic and more, breathing new life in custom made arcade machines.

Meanwhile, competitive players were rushing to the Southeast Asia Major 2016 (SEAM), the PlayStation-sponsored fighting game league where winning the crown isn’t only about cash or prizes, but about facing some of the fiercest players in the world (like Daigo “The Beast” and Singapore’s own Ho Kun Xian) for the chance to win a seat in the world championship series for games like Street Fighter V, BlazBlue Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, and more.

High stakes, high reward.

Even then, prizes never hurt
Even then, prizes never hurt

Gaming is more than what you see on the screen, though, and while Secret Labs was showing off it latest gaming gear (namely some really fine looking chairs), Xmashed booth featured some of your favorite franchises in (humorous) T-Shirt form.


All of these goodies also made their way into the prize bags of all kinds of contests. The Quest, a convention-wide RPG where all visitors are participants, has plenty of loot bags and prizes for adventurers eager to complete certain tasks each day, so you might come back home a bit heavier than you expected.


And all kinds of events, like cosplay contests and musical performances, are baking. Here we have Alyse, Gamestart beautiful mascot, giving us a quick tour through the enormous hall:

With 2 days to go, GameStart Asia is ready for everything. The question is, are you ready for it?


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