Beyond Good and Evil is an interesting case: the first game became a cult classic, and the game’s ending clearly hints at a sequel. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced all the way back to 2008, yet we have never gotten more info, until now.

It all started with an image of a bearded man carrying a pig on his back, that Michael Acel, creator of the first game, posted on his Instagram.


It came without explanations, but fans lost zero time concluding it hinted at a prequel, with the engineer being none other than Jade’s (first game protagonist) father, and the infant pig being Pey’j, Jade’s protector and father figure since her real one died.

Since then, the image of an humanoid shark got into stage, which feels at home in the humanoid animals world of Beyond Good and Evil. Now we got a rhino, species found as the NPC Mammago Brothers of the original game.

Ubisoft’s CEO has confirmed Ancel is working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, but can’t guarantee any dates since Ancel is also working on Wild, another Ubisoft title. Also, Ubisoft just trademarked “Beyond Good and Evil” in April, so that seals the deal, too.

The most interesting part is, should the fandom be right and the images are of a prequel, it would still leave room for Beyond Good and Evil 3, seeing how the first game ended on a cliffhanger – not that seeing the story behind the Beluga Spaceship wouldn’t be cool enough already.

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